Welcome to the BikINI (BikINI is not IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)) wiki!

BikINI is both a remote mail storage protocol and server. In this wiki you will find the following information.

As the specification has been finished, and the internet-draft submitted, the focus will now shift to developing the example/research server, a test-client, and add-ons for mutt and getmail.

There is a mailing list for discussion of anything BikINI, as well as the archives of the original mailing list.

If you are looking for the original BikINI website (http://pyropus.ca/software/bikini/) it should now redirect to this website. If you are seeking the files hosted on the original website, a gzipped tarball is available.

If you are uncertain how to start using this wiki, or how your content will be displayed, please try things out in the SandBox before changing other pages.

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